About Us

We are an astute and well-connected search, selection and assessment specialist focused on the provision of talent solutions to the healthcare sector. Our expertise is focused on Allied Health, Nursing and Physicians across wide specialties and disciplines.

By maintaining a close sector focus approach to healthcare, we bring substantial benefits to the individuals and organisations we work with. We fully understand the healthcare business, geographical, political and people challenges and are able to provide tailor made and most appropriate talent solutions.

All About Borouj


Organisation of every size and sector depend on talent individuals, teams and leaders to realise their success. Borouj strength lies in our team and their ability to develop trusted partnerships with everyone we work with.

Our team possess an unrivalled local understanding in a global context. Coupled with these unique attributes we form strong and trusted relationship with the most talented people. It is because of our deep and lasting partnerships, that our clients can acquire, develop and retain their best talent. We relentlessly focus on.

  • Understanding every aspect of our client.
  • A refreshing focus on candidate experience.
  • Our freethinking, collaborative culture.

With offices in 3 continents, we combine local insight with a global network of search experts and capabilities.

The Team


Meet the Team


Meet the Team

Amanda Shaw

Head of Selection and On Boarding

Amanda heads our global operation for Selection & On Boarding.
“So much of what we do at Borouj is based and driven by the nature of partnerships we build. Facilitating an interview between busy individuals to negotiating an offer, securing school seats at the preferred school for kids to advice on housing, these are vital component of our work. The more actively we listen, the better we understand other party’s objectives. This is key to building trust and creating strong relationships that are at the crux of enabling a superior candidate experience”

Thembi Fula

Head Of Sourcing

Thembi heads our global operation for Sourcing.
“Delivering value is incredibly important to us, we do this by sourcing the best global talent and matching them with the right opportunities. Our candidates and clients place their trust in Borouj to provide the best, and we take that brand promise very seriously. It is the people that drive organisation to succeed or fail. At Borouj, there is no greater driver of success than sourcing right talents to our clients”

Celina Ilano

Recruitment Consultant

Executing everything effortlessly, that’s what Celina does, and she does it brilliantly.
“The reason for our success comes down to one single principle that transcends time and geography, religion and culture. The simple idea that if you treat other people well, the way you would like to be treated they will do the same”

Pinky Gregorios

Recruitment Coordinator

Pinky is all about Making it Possible, even the things that may seems impossible, 24/7.
“We can never stand still. The important thing is to know when to walk slowly, and when to sprint ahead. What we do at Borouj goes beyond typical recruitment. We create opportunities and add values to lives”.

Manish Sharma

Manish is our leading man in South Asia desk.
“What we do is important, even more important is how we do it. When our candidates and client choose Borouj, it’s the ultimate expression of their confidence, and our greatest opportunity to offer our full spectrum of services to enhance their lives”.

Zintle Mathangana

Healthcare & Life Science Consultant

Zintle leads our European desk.
“Behind every talented individual we placed there is a great story and our story is among the best. It is story rooted in our founding values, by doing good, we do good for our communities, ourselves and every life we touches”.