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Join a team of qualified, specialized, board-certified radiologists and accredited technologists, and support staff

 SALARY : Negotiable depending upon experience  LOCATION : Qatar دولة قطر

An experienced Audiology Technician is required for a leading hospital department in Doha, Qatar

مطلوب فني سمعيات ذو خبرة لقسم مستشفيات رائد في الدوحة ، قطر

 SALARY : 4,000 - 8,000 QAR per month depending upon experience  LOCATION : Qatar دولة قطر

Join the referral laboratory for the State of Qatar, undertaking diagnostic testing, ranging from automated rapid response testing to evolving genetic assays.
The department is also responsible for ensuring Qatar’s blood supply and for its mortuary service.

مطلوب استشاري مختبر / علم الأمراض للانضمام إلى مختبر الإحالة في قطر ، وإجراء اختبارات تشخيصية ، تتراوح من اختبار الاستجابة السريعة الآلي إلى الاختبار الجيني المتقدم.
كما أن القسم مسؤول عن ضمان إمدادات الدم في قطر وخدمة الجثث.

 SALARY : Negotiable depending upon experience  LOCATION : Qatar دولة قطر

Join an essential service and collaborate with Medical and Nursing departments within the hospital to provide inpatient and outpatient nutritional services.

 SALARY : Up to 10,000 QAR per month tax free plus extensive benefits  LOCATION : Qatar دولة قطر

Great opportunity for experienced Specialist Nephrologists to join a modern department treating and caring for in- and outpatients with kidney-related conditions.

 SALARY : Negotiable depending on experience  LOCATION : Qatar دولة قطر

Experience Specialist Anesthetists needed in Qatar, generous tax free package and accommodation included.

 SALARY : Negotiable depending on experience plus generous benefits  LOCATION : Qatar دولة قطر

Opportunities providing diagnoses, treatment and care to patients suffering from disorders of the heart and lung system to inpatients and outpatients of all types and ages.

 SALARY : Negotiable depending on experience plus excellent benefits  LOCATION : Qatar دولة قطر

Deliver services that will include laser treatments, therapies and clinics, combining new technologies, diagnostic tools and new therapies for all types of skin disorders.

 SALARY : Negotiable - depending upon experience plus excellent benefits  LOCATION : Qatar دولة قطر

Opportunities for Physicians dedicated in services for fractures, pediatric orthopedic, spine, foot and ankle injuries, anthroplasty and sports medicine, click to find out more

 SALARY : Negotiable - Depending on experience plus great benefits  LOCATION : Qatar دولة قطر

We are keen to speak with physicians working in all areas of Pediatrics, click for more details.

 SALARY : Negotiable depending on experience plus generous benefits included  LOCATION : Qatar دولة قطر